Navigate safely through the crisis

Benefit directly from the knowledge and experience of one of the most reliable and safest industries of our time – aviation.

4 elements close the circle to a completely new dimension of safety and the sustainable survival of your company, even during and after a crisis.

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Be Safe – Be Clear – Be Active – Be Prepared
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Business Continuity Management

A good BCM program proactively identifies the most critical processes and products in a company in advance of a disruption. And these are protected with measures.

With BCM one speaks company-related and of process and / or product problems. For this, everything is considered and analyzed holistically that is needed to maintain the processes. In-house as well as externally and in relation to the delivery routes. Impact analyzes play just as much a role as risk assessments - always related to the individual processes and not necessarily to the company itself.

Safety Management

Safety management is based on the premise that there are always security risks and human error. The safety management system (SMS) creates processes that improve communication about these risks and the measures to reduce them. The security level and the security culture of an organization are thus sustainably improved.

Today we know that one has to speak of the iceberg principle when it comes to security-relevant incidents. So for every serious event there are a factor of X thousand minor errors. The numbers differ depending on the industry. An SMS uses targeted methods and measures to reduce or even completely eliminate these minor errors. This also requires well-established operational risk management.

Quality Management

The task of quality management is to improve the process and work quality and thus the product and service quality.

A QM system includes quality planning, control, control, improvement and assurance.

If implemented correctly, this happens smoothly in day-to-day business and is therefore extremely efficient.

Crisis Management

Crisis management is the strategic handling of a crisis situation. This includes their analysis and the development of strategies and procedures as countermeasures.

Our Mission: safety


We make you strong and give you the right skills to safely organize your day-to-day business. We offer you expertise in all safety-relevant specialist areas.


We strengthen your awareness of special situations and train you to assess incidents or even crises. We work with you to establish effective, pro-active preventive measures. If necessary, we enable you to react immediately to crises and thus sustainably secure your economic future.


We offer you more than just best practice and are always based on the industry leadership standard. We keep an eye on all legal bases and industry-standard recommendations for you. So you can focus on the active implementation and not get lost in the numerous regulations.


By making your everyday work easier, we enable you to save time and money. Together we develop the simplest and most efficient procedures and measures possible.


Good communication is essential. It is crucial to be open and transparent at all times, both internally and externally. We support you at every step to communicate transparently with your employees as well as customers.


Thanks to our many years of cross-industry expertise and experience, we are able to be there for you at any time and develop tailor-made solutions for you.

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